takethisonedaddy replied to your post “Hi! I’m just writing to tell you how much I love that you’re watching and making gifs of Gran Hotel!!!! I fucking love that show to bits and pieces. Started watching it this past wednesday and I can’t stop. Soooooo gooooooood. I don’t think there’s too much of a tumblr fandom for it, but I am so glad someone I already like and follow is into it :) XOXO Anne.”

Its honestly one of the shoes I have ever had the pleasure of seeing. Julio & Alicia are killing me softly!!!!

Softly? More like violently and at unexpected intervals throughout the day!

shiiiiit, look at all those typos. Damn texting while on the job!! lmao
That was supposed to say “one of the best shows I have ever seen” XD
Plus, you’re right, they are tearing me apart with the power of a million forces. I can’t stop thinking about this goddamn show and this couple. They are so OTP it hurts. I need to own this whole series.
Again, Thank you SO MUCH for all the gifs :)

It’s possible to like two people at the same time. What’s the big deal?

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